Where it all began

Harken back to the days of student life: Studying finance, Steven found himself snacking between classes and evading those leafy green vegetables and the recommended, cookie-cutter diet of three meals a day. He wanted a healthy, whole foods diet without the hassle of buying, washing, chopping and cooking veggies day in and day out. That’s when he stumbled upon powdered herbs.

Supplementing with powdered ginseng, goji and peppermint, Steven could feel the difference, powering his late-night study sessions without the jittery side effects of caffeine. Those late-night study sessions soon warped into 24-7 research and development into powdered vegetables.

Four years later, with experts weighing in on nutrition and supplementation, Steven had refined his formula. Backed by science, he’d developed not a supplement, but a raw food powder to power his day. When demand for the formula became too high, a business was born: Subi. Today, Subi is sourced from organic farmers around the globe for the highest quality raw food powder you could ask for.