What is Subi?

The most convenient way to eat your veggies

Sourced from the planet’s cleanest ingredients, Subi is pure, dehydrated veggies and superfoods, so you can power up on greens anytime, anywhere – in anything.

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Subi's Superfoods

The super in Subi

Meet the nutrient-rich superfoods we pack into every scoop of Subi.


Camu Camu



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Unlock Your Subi Powers

Energize your day

With superfoods like maca and panax ginseng, Subi naturally energizes you, so you’ll feel awake after your morning alarm beeps – without the caffeine jitters.

Unlock Your Subi Powers

Feel like a superhero

With nutrient-dense greens, antioxidant-rich berries, and powerful superfoods, you’ll be fueling your body with the nutrition it needs to feel awesome.

Unlock Your Subi Powers

Save time slicing & dicing

Scrap the scrubbing, chopping and cooking: Subi makes eating your veggies super simple. Just scoop, mix and sip, and take time back in your day.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I used to have trouble sleeping and would wake up multiple times throughout the night. Thanks to Subi, I sleep all night now. I add it every day to my morning shake.


I love adding Subi to my morning smoothie. It goes so well with my banana date smoothies and makes me feel energetic throughout the day. I feel good knowing I get my greens for the day first thing in the morning.


I add Subi to my post-workout protein shake. It adds natural nutrition I feel like I wouldn’t normally get.


Subi helped clear my skin – I don’t get nearly as many hormonal outbreaks as before.


I used to be hooked on coffee, but since adding Subi to my mornings, I don’t need coffee anymore.