Not Flavoured

Bag — 264 g 40 Servings

What it is: It’s just dehydrated vegetables and fruit with no fillers added. Get your greens (and some fruit).

Why it’s different: It takes 20 lbs of produce and 40+ hours in a low heat dehydrator to make just 1 bag. With 20+ ingredients in each bag it’s difficult to get this type of dietary variety on your own; no synthetic vitamins or ingredients either.

How it helps you: Get your daily dose of greens and nutrients in 1 super easy scoop.

Is Not Flavoured right for me?

Not Flavoured isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer it while others don’t. As this version is not sweetened or flavoured some find it too earthy. However, many people do enjoy the natural taste of it and prefer to add it to their own shake or smoothie and flavour it themselves.


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Version 2.7

Version 2.7

This is the 8th iteration of our Not Flavoured blend. In the most current iteration we have adjusted the sourcing of our Chlorella and Spirulina so that it comes from the first harvest in spring. The slight changes in temperature and water pH from harvesting in spring will change some factors of the blend but ultimately making it more complete.

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