Why does this bag taste slightly different than the last?
We source our produce fresh from all over the world and the taste of it depends on how much rain and sunshine that area of the world has recently gotten. Especially from our not flavoured version, it is very normal for a blend to blend taste variation to occur because it was harvested during different seasons and perhaps in different regions around the world.
How is it possible that it’s 4 servings of greens per scoop?
Most greens are about 90-99% water. Similar to how spinach overflows the pot but shrinks to a super small pile the moment you cook it. We do that, but to the extreme and pull out all the water inside.
What does subi do for me?
Well, it does a little bit of everything. At the end of the day it’s just greens and natural nutrition. It affects everyone differently depending on what you’re missing in your body. But you’d be shocked at what being “healthy” feels like, it’s refreshingly good.
What we’ve heard from our satisfied customers?
Helps you poop. Which is a serious problem these days.
Helps with sleep. So you don’t wake up throughout the night as much.
Helps with digestion.
Makes you feel better.
You feel happier. 
You feel more energetic.
Can pregnant people take subi?
At the end of the day is just greens but you should always check with your doctor to see if it’s okay.
Is subi organic?
Not completely. We use organic ingredients whenever we can but for some ingredients it just isn’t possible for us to source organically without lowering the overall quality of the blend. This is because organic farming is a relatively new practice so most organic certified soil have only been around for 10-20 years. For a lot of our ingredients like Matcha, Acai, Goji, Ginkgo and such the age of the soil matters a lot in the overall quality of the end product, kind of similar to wine.
Is the product safe?
Yes. We test it 4 times. Read about it here.
Can kids take it?
You should always check with your doctor because at the end of the day Maca, Matcha, and Goji are super powerful ingredients and it’s always better to err on the safer side of things. But if you do want to give it to your kids we wouldn't recommend them taking too much as the serving size we have set out is for adults.