From our backyard and abroad

We source the highest quality ingredients right here at home and further afield, bringing you superfoods, fruits and vegetables from where they grow naturally.

About Our Ingredients


Cold-dried for nutrient density

Because heat destroys nutrients, we cold-dry our ingredients, preserving their nutrient density, from vitamins and minerals to fibre.


Ground into a superfine powder

Wherever our ingredients are sourced, we grind them there to save on shipping costs, which helps us price Subi more affordably for you.


Shipped to Vancouver, Canada

Our ingredients ship from around the globe to our home base on the West Coast of Canada, so we can oversee quality control.


Packaged with love

Hiring Subi enthusiasts from within our local community, we label and prepare every single package of Subi by hand.


Locally manufactured

Working with a reputable local manufacturing facility, we can control the consistency and quality of every bag of Subi Superfood.


Delivered to you

Shipping to countries around the world, you can order your Subi wherever you are, and we’ll ship it straight to your door to scoop, mix and sip away!

What's fueling you?

Power your day with one tiny scoop of Subi superfoods and greens for nutrition that packs a punch.

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